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  1. People who consume more fruit and fiber are more likely to have healthier body weights, according to researchers at the University of Texas at Austin. Two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese. Carrying around extra body fat increases the risk for a host of diseases, and cardiovascular disease is at the very top, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While obesity is a very complex problem and researchers and health professionals continue to seek answers for safe and effective weight-loss options, one simple solution for achieving a healthier body weight is to eat more fruits and fiber.

  2. Metabolic Syndrome is characterized by a combination of obesity, hypertension, and high blood cholesterol, and linked by the underlying resistance to insulin.  Some experts refer to it as a cluster of cardiovascular risk factors disease associated with insulin resistance.  It is estimated that metabolic syndrome affects about 50 million Americans.  Possible outcomes of metabolic syndrome include the development of type-2 diabetes and increased risk of stroke and other heart diseases.

  3. Number of people with diabetes in United States increased to 24 million according to 2007 data by U.S. Center of Disease Control and Prevention.  About 57 million people have pre-diabetes. Diabetes is characterized by high levels of blood glucose resulting from defects in insulin production (i.e., "insulin resistance" syndrome) that causes sugar to build up in the body.  "Insulin resistance" leaves excess sugar in the bloodstream, which damages small blood vessels in the eyes, kidneys, and other organs.                  1-330-208-2510
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