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Vitamin C
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MaxiLIFE CoQ10 Formula (120 Capsules)MaxiLIFE CoQ10 Formula (120 Capsules)The most comprehensive coenzyme Q10 antioxidant multiple vitamin and mineral formula available. Each capsule provides high potency pure crystalline coenzyme Q10 in a formula synergistically combined with high potency protector vitamins E, C and beta-carotene, B-vitamins, sulfur containing amino acids, selenium, zinc and other antioxidants.
Mega C-1000mg Complex (50 Tablets)Mega C-1000mg Complex (50 Tablets)Our most comprehensive Vitamin C supplement, each Mega C-1000 tablet supplies one gram of pure Vitamin C plus complete Bioflavonoid Complex (citrus) for maximum daily Vitamin C intake.

The Bioflavonoids are protective antioxidant factors which help strengthen the blood vessels, veins and capillaries in your circulatory system, so be sure to include this all-in-one Vitamin C complex in your daily nutritional regimen.

Nutra-Stress 1200 (30 Tablets)Nutra-Stress 1200 (30 Tablets)Nutra-Stress 1200 is a potent combination of Vitamin C -1200 mg plus the complete B-Complex vitamins, including Inositol and Choline. B-vitamins function as co-enzymes in energy production. Nutra-Stress is formulated to provide optimum nutritional protection, stress-relief, and contains specific B-vitamins including folic acid, B6, and B12, that are valuable for promoting healthy homocysteine levels, and important measure of heart health.
Ultra Antioxidant Formula (30 Tablets)Ultra Antioxidant Formula (30 Tablets)Full Spectrum Antioxidant Activity In One Convenient Tablet! Antioxidants allow cells to perform more efficiently on less oxygen, enabling sufficient oxygen to be utilized for the cells and organs that specifically need it. They also protect other vitamins as well as body tissue -especially membranes - from damage caused by pollutants and toxins.                  1-330-208-2510
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