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Amino Acid Blend
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Amino-Max 1500 (180 Tablets)Amino-Max 1500 (180 Tablets)Amino Max 1500 supplies full-spectrum amino acids all-in-one naturally-balanced super protein formula. This power-packed supplement is derived from three sources of protein: hydrolyzed collagen, whey lactalbumin, soy protein isolate. Twenty one (21) naturally-balanced amino acids. Originally formulated for athletes and body-builders, Amino Max 1500 can be used to enhance your healthy daily nutrition-based regimen to ensure proper essential amino acid intake.
Triple Amino G. H. F (100 Tablets)Triple Amino G. H. F (100 Tablets)Supplies the specific individual amino acids recognized for helping stimulate Growth Hormone release. Human Growth Hormone Factor (GHF) plays a role in the body’s (lean muscle) composition, cholesterol levels, energy production and immune function.                  1-330-208-2510
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