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Echinacea Complete Care (20 Tea Bags)Echinacea Complete Care (20 Tea Bags)Bolster your body's natural defenses with our proprietary blend of echinacea, vitamin C and zinc. Echinacea has been proven in hundreds of clinical studies to stimulate the immune system. Echinacea Complete Care contains echinacea for unbeatable effectiveness in helping your body to stay healthy naturally.* Vitamin C, an antioxidant, and zinc, an essential mineral, enhance this powerful blend. Our exclusive formula provides effective support for your immune system.
Echinacea Plus, Organic (16 Tea Bags)Echinacea Plus, Organic (16 Tea Bags)Organic Echinacea Plus activates and stimulates immune cells¸ helping you to reduce the duration of symptoms. A double blind¸ placebo-controlled clinical study on Organic Echinacea Plus showed that it was effective in reducing symptoms as well as shortening their duration. A fresh and mild mint flavor with a twist of citrus. You can taste a characteristic tingle on your tongue from the alkylamides in Echinacea, which is one of the important indicators or herb quality.
Echinacea Wellness (20 Tea Bags)Echinacea Wellness (20 Tea Bags)Native Americans and early settlers cherished echinacea for its ability to support the body's immune system and natural good health. Here, we combine echinacea with mint and licorice for soothing sweet flavor and roasted barley malt for a powerfully effective tea that simply tastes great. Boost your body's defenses the natural way! 100% Natural!
Green Tea - Antioxidant (20 Tea Bags)Green Tea - Antioxidant (20 Tea Bags)Antioxidant Green Tea gives you all of the health benefits of green tea - and more - in each delightfully refreshing cup.* By neutralizing free radicals¸ this tea with antioxidants helps your body maintain its natural good health.
Green Tea - Authentic (24 Tea Bags)Green Tea - Authentic (24 Tea Bags)You may have heard that drinking green tea could be good for your health. Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea is good for your taste buds¸ too! Unlike some other green teas¸ our finest quality blend tastes smooth from first sip to last swallow. Its fresh flavor whispers of the moment when a new day first dawns¸ alive with invigorating sunlight and clean air. The gentle touch of our Authentic Green Tea makes taking care of yourself a pleasure.
Green Tea - Decaffeinated (20 Tea Bags)Green Tea - Decaffeinated (20 Tea Bags)Embrace the benefits of green tea without the caffeine. Our full-bodied brew has everything you seek from a fine quality Green Tea¸ but you can enjoy its smooth flavor anytime - this one won’t keep you up at night. We take out the caffeine and leave in the natural goodness using a compound that occurs naturally in the tea leaves. So wrap up your day with a mellow cup of Green Tea ... serene!
Green Tea - Organic (16 Tea Bags)Green Tea - Organic (16 Tea Bags)""Certified Organic"" guarantees it was grown and blended under the stringent standards of Oregon Tilth¸ a top certifying agency. Oregon Tilth scrutinizes our process to guarantee this tea starts and stays organic all the way! Organic teas are grown and minimally handled for fresh flavor¸ quality and an ecosystem that is healthy for us and the planet. To your good health and good nature!"
Green Tea w/ Siberian Ginseng (24 Bags)Green Tea w/ Siberian Ginseng (24 Bags)Now you can enjoy the extraordinary healthful benefits of Green Tea (Camellia Sinesis) and Siberian Ginseng (Eleutheroccus Senticosus) in a delicious-tasting herbal tea beverage. Traditional Chinese medicine has long-recommended Green Tea for its wide-range of health-promoting properties especially to build up natural resistance. This green tea and Siberian ginseng blend is particularly valuable as an immune enhancer, energy booster, digestive aid and as a general, nutritive health beverage.
Green Tea-Honey/Lemon/Ginseng (20 Tea bags)Green Tea-Honey/Lemon/Ginseng (20 Tea bags)Jump into your day with Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea¸ our lively blend of green tea and healthful herbs. This energizing boost begins with a vital core of fine green tea¸ fortified with highly prized Siberian Ginseng.                  1-330-208-2510
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