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Meal Replacements

About Meal Replacements (MRPs)

Meal replacements (MRPs) provide nutritionally-balanced, nutrient dense meals in the form of powdered MRPs, ready-to-drink MRPs, and nutrition bar MRPs.  Experts agree that to achieve optimal nutrition requires consuming small frequent (5 to 6x) nutrient-rich balanced meals daily.  However, in today's busy lifestyle, it is hardly practical to prepare and eat multiple healthy whole-food meals daily.
To adress today's time-compressed population, MRPs are formulated to provide the necessary daily nutrition and essential nutrients that the body requires.  MRPs promote healthy eating habits. The main advantage of MRPs over whole-food meals is convenience and portability without compromising healthy eating.  It is convenient for individuals with busy lifestyle to consume nutrient-rich healthy shakes or smoothies or bars than it is to prepare whole-food meals multiple times a day.  So, it is practical to replace one or two whole-food meals with MRPs without compromising nutritional and health needs.  All meal replacement plans should be based on the principles of healthy eating.  MRPs are popular among dieters, athletes, body builders, and on-the-go professionals.

MRPs are designed to fit various healthy and active lifestyle goals including:

  • Promote optimal nutrition and health
  • Satisfy hunger on the go
  • Excellent addition to sensible weight loss or weight management program
  • Support muscle building regimen
  • Boost energy levels
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