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Fisol® Fish Oil (180 Softgels)Fisol® Fish Oil (180 Softgels)Fisol® Fish Oil: The better way to take fish oil. Fisol® is a superior blend of EPA & DHA containing 30% EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and 20% DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid). Supports cardiovascular and joint health.

Targeted Release™Fisol’s unique enteric coating ensures (1) proper release in the intestines, not in the stomach, (2) better absorption, and no fishy breath or gastrointestinal discomfort; benefits not found in uncoated fish oil supplements.

Nattokinase 36mg (60 capsules)Nattokinase 36mg (60 capsules)Nattokinase is from a natural health food that is clinically proven to support the body's production of clot-dissolving agents that may help cardiovascular health.

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Nattokinase Plus 100mg (90 Capsules)Nattokinase Plus 100mg (90 Capsules)

Nattokinase Plus™ is a synergistic combination of naturally occurring, food based Nattokinase to support fibrinolytic activity, and Vitamin E, to help maintain healthy cardiovascular function.

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