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Pycnogenol® extracts are derived from French maritime pine park and contain powerful antioxidants - oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) and several other bioflavonoids - known to provide health benefits including diabetic and cardiovascular support.  Pycnogenol is claimed to be versatle in health support. Antioxidants have disease-fighting properties that protect cells from harmful free radicals.  To learn more about antioxidants,  click here
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Pycnogenol® 30mg (90 Tabs)Pycnogenol® 30mg (90 Tabs)Authentic Pycnogenol®, derived from European pine bark, is an ultra-potent complex of powerful antioxidants including OPCs and other bioflavonoids. Pycnogenol® has been shown to improve heart health and function in peer published articles and clinical trials. As an active ingredient in combination products or on its own, it can help counteract restricted blood vessels, help improve circulation, reduce LDL cholesterol and inhibit platelet aggregation.
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