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Sports Nutrition

About Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition addresses the needs of individuals who engage in physical activity.  The aim of sports nutrition is to promote a safe and healthy practice of physical exercise and to improve athletic performance including endurance, strength, speed, or other athletic skills. 

Sports nutrition products or sports nutrition supplements include functional food products and nutritional supplements designed to satisfy the energy and nutritional demand of sports-minded individuals or those engaged in active lifestyles.  Core sports nutrition supplements such as creatine, protein powders, and amino acids are the favorites for the serious athletes and body-builders.  Other subcategories of sports nutrition supplements include sports drinks, meal replacements, and energy/nutritional bars. 

Sports drinks provide carbohydrates and electrolytes to help replenish fluids and nutrients used during vigorous exercise and sporting events.  They contain easily absorbed carbohydrates, and provide about half the calories of fruit juices.  Originally designed for athletes, sports drinks are useful during any sporting or athletic event especially endurance training, or as an energy boosting beverage that may be enjoyed anytime. 

Meal replacements (MRPs) cater to the mainstream consumers looking for convenient forms of health food.  MRPs provide nutritionally-balanced, nutrient dense meals in form of powdered MRPs, ready-to-drink MRPs, and nutritional bar MRPs, formulated for various active lifestyles as well as for consumers interested in other wellness areas such as energy and weight loss.   

Energy and nutrition bars are known to appeal to both the sports-minded persons with high energy demand as well as to average health conscious individuals.                  1-330-208-2510
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